Liverpool's stance in support of Suarez is shameful

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish’s ongoing support for the poorly-behaved Luis Suarez is undermining his progress at Liverpool.

Furthermore, the stance of the Liverpool team, who showed unilateral support for their team mate by donning warm up t-shirts in support of him this week, risks making Liverpool the enemy of the neutral.

This is all in stark contrast to the progress made by manager Kenny Dalglish since he took over the reins of this malfunctioning team part way into last season.

Before joining the club from Ajax, Suarez was known in the Dutch Eredivisie as a diver. He also cheated Uruguay past Ghana and into the semi finals of the 2010 World Cup with a blatant goal-line hand ball. Not only did he cheat, he had the temerity to boast about it afterwards.

Dalglish willingly signed a player of flawed character.

And now the Liverpool boss expects us to believe that Suarez is nothing but a lovely chap despite frequent displays of bad behaviour and cheating.

A person’s character is defined by his actions. So how can Suarez’s frequent poor behaviour not provide us with an accurate portrayal of his true behaviour?

Even if he is only like this on Saturdays, it offers him no excuse.

If someone annoys you, and your first response is to utter a racist remark, then you are a racist.

If you want to upset someone for competitive gain, or whatever reason, and you decide that the best means of doing so is to utter a racist remark, then you are a racist.

The Football Association has found evidence that Suarez racially abused Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. Therefore, Luis Suarez is nothing but a racist.

The argument that things said in the heat of battle should be set aside after the game is pathetic.

If your boss is putting the heat on at work, is it ok to racially abuse him or her?

Nowhere in society is racism tolerated. So why do some think that it should acceptable on the football pitch?

Liverpool FC need to clean up their act, withdraw their appeal against Suarez’s eight-week ban and concentrate on instilling some discipline into their star player.

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