Petty Sam Allardyce to take legal action against Steve Kean

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Sam Allardyce is taking legal action against his former club Blackburn Rovers and the man who replaced him at Ewood Park, Steve Kean. Allardyce is reported to have acted after a video clip was published on the internet earlier this year which allegedly showed Kean criticising him.

A spokesman for Allardyce told the BBC: "He has issued legal proceedings against Steve Kean and Blackburn Rovers but is unable to comment further."

The exact basis for this legal action is unclear. Kean is not record as having criticised Allardyce, but criticism alone is never a reason for an individual to be sued.

I have opinions about Sam Allardyce too. I doubt he cares, but some of my views about him are good and some are bad. If I were to send him a video to him, or one of his plethora of ‘representatives’, of me expressing my negative views of him, would I also be sued? Should anyone else in the media who, like me, considers him to be a bit of a daft brush, be phoning their lawyers in panic?

Of course not.

The truth is that Allardyce feels wronged by his removal from Blackburn Rovers and his subsequent replacement by Kean, who he feels was a key protagonist in his removal.

If Allardyce, or his representatives had any actual evidence that this happened, he would be able to sue Rovers for wrongful dismissal. He doesn’t, so the best that team Allardyce can come up with is to for Kean publicly mocking of him.

Unfortunately for Allardyce, mockery is not slanderous and all that he is achieving by pursuing such action is confirming that he is both a petty and bitter individual.

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